Our Services


Whether your goal is to create a place to entertain, a place to unwind, or a place that puts your distinct mark on your home, our designers and installers will work with you to develop and build a unique area that describes you without saying a word. Residential Services gives you the opportunity to work closely with designers who are trained to create extraordinary spaces. Whether it is a new planting, or a rehabilitation of existing plantings, we will develop a plan that will allow for seamless integration into your current environment.

We use only the highest-quality plant material, lighting components and hardscape products available and we stand behind our work. We have honed our craft over the years so that you know your installation was done right the first time.

  • Landscape Design Build Services
  • Irrigation Design & Installation
  • Stone & Paver Installations
  • Irrigation & Landscape Maintenance Programs
  • Low Voltage & Accent Lighting
  • Custom Outdoor Carpentry

Sprinkler Maintenance Programs

In southern California a key element in keeping a green lawn is to have the proper irrigation. That means that your sprinkler system needs not only to be installed properly but also needs to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis in order to continue to function in the most efficient way possible. Often we find that if this is not done, as a result, certain areas of your lawn will turn brown or perhaps even die while other things that you do not want to, may be getting watered such as your driveway, sidewalk, house or patio furniture (often causing water damage to property). Living in a drought area we also need to be conscious of our water usage, being careful not to waste this precious resource and at the same time raising our own water bill. Yes sprinkler systems need to be checked on a regular basis. With the busy lives we lead, often sprinkler heads get clogged, and broken, many times without the homeowner even being aware of it.

This is why we have set up a specialized sprinkler maintenance program so that you don’t need to worry about it any more. As part of our service we check, adjust and repair your sprinkler system and analyze & reprogram your timer based on the seasons on a regular Quarterly basis (4 times per year). If you have an emergency in between visits we can move up your service call date to cover your sprinkler problems as needed. Our sprinkler service averages about $24.00 per month for an average size residential yard. Please contact us if you are interested in trying out our service. Thank you!